Monday, 29 March 2010

Choice of Project Options

To begin with I was wondering what option I should undertake. I was intrigued by all three options. I was excited about the opportunity to help out on a third year animation team yet I also had some interesting ideas for the animated idents for Rave Live. I was also interested in getting some experience by working with a client from outside Ravensbourne.

During the first week of the third term I learnt that a friend of our Uncle working for a small architectural practice called Husband and Carpenter Architects ltd was looking for a 3D artist to create a 3D render exterior of a building which is to be built in London. In the end I decided to work with my brother in order to pursue this third option and help out this client produce a 3D representation of this building.

I believe that this choice will be a good opportunity to develop and show off new skills when it comes to a show reel, such as being able to read architectural drawings and to use a 2D drawing to create a 3D model. I think that architectural visualisation is a good skill to have if you are planning to become a professional modeller as it provides extra options and career opportunities. I also believe that this option is a good choice and the right project to pursue as I will be able to show a substantial amount of work with a diverse range of skills. If I work on a 3rd year film, I believe I would be producing work that is essentially not my own design, and if I am only asked to texture a model, I do not believe that would be enough for me to put into a personal show reel. If I carry out this architectural visualisation project I will be able to demonstrate that I have developed my understanding of modelling, texturing and lighting. I was disappointed to learnt that the 3rd years had already finished modelling everything for their final film, which is something I really want to improve in. This was the main reason why I chose to work on the architectural visualisation project. Not only will I be able to learn a lot from this project, but I will also be able to create something that is buildable and will probably boost my reputation as being a reliable 3D artist which may even lead to job opportunities in the future.

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