Monday, 29 March 2010

Project Brief

Project Title: Selling Yourself

This unit builds directly on the Industry Exercises 1 and 2 units, allowing students to use their portfolio of animation skills to develop finished broadcast animation pieces (in small teams) to be shown during Rave on Air, and to generate an individual show-reel to promote those skills to employers. Students also develop more advanced planning and organisational skills necessary to manage team productions.

This unit has potential to allow inter-faculty collaboration through the use of animation to promote the work of other courses in the creation of animated advertisements for Rave on Air (production design for example). Inter-faculty collaboration is also possible through the use of other disciplines such as post production and sound design that naturally complement the animation industry. These collaborations will be negotiated on a per team basis.

Aims of the Unit

  • To enable students to initiate , plan, and complete team projects.
  • To enable students to work to broadcast standards of quality.
  • To provide experience of establishing and developing team project schedules and tracking progress towards project completion.
  • To enable students to demonstrate and promote the range and quality of their animation skills through the production of a show-reel.
The emphasis for this brief is to assess students on their ability to meet technical parameters and to ensure that their work is fit for broadcasting purposes. Students must keep an updated journal (blog) of their thought processes and project development as well as a show-reel to showcase their talents and skills by exhibiting a range of finished works and a group film fit for broadcast.

There are three options which the students can choose from: -
  1. Work as a junior on a BA film project.
  2. Work towards Rave Live.
  3. Find an External Client.

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