Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Editing (Final Cut)

I have begun editing the final broadcast safe clip. I have inserted all the necessary broadcast safe requirements to fulfill the assessment criteria for this particular unit such as the bars and tone and the clock.

I have attempted to edit the visuals to the music track (September Dawn). I have to say that it fits perfectly with the visuals. It is fortunate that the renders fit the rhythm of the track. I want a coherent narrative to inform the viewer of the building and environment, yet also exploring the building by capturing different view points. I have edited the shots so that there is a journey traveling counter clockwise from south to north of the building, exploring all its elements. I have incorporated some low angle still renders so that the viewer can see what the building would look like from roughly the eyes of a passer by. I have focused on slow pacing so that the viewer can absorb the entire environment easily. I did not want rushed shots that were far too quick for the viewer so that the viewer is unable to understand layout, this is a clip purely for architectural reasons after all. I have also payed particular attention to artistic presentation in terms of the shots chosen and the order in which they are presented.

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