Friday, 21 May 2010

Critical Analysis

Generally, I believe we have achieved what we set out to do from the beginning. I feel we did a good job too. We successfully produced an artistic yet informative architectural visualisation film clip, that was well structured and nicely paced. I also feel that we did achieve the style somewhat that Alex Roman used with his film, "The Third and The Seventh".

Good Points:

I believe that our clip is crisp. There is effective use of lighting. I believe there is a good use of camera work as well as camera angles. The piece general is well structured and there is a sense of a journey/ narrative that is coherent due to effective pacing. The clip is well edited to the rhythm of the music.

Bad Points:

I would say that our clip may be on the short side. It may need more shots to explore a few more angles of the hotel. I think the intensity of the lighting is a bit over the top as the much lighter colours seem to become bleached, washed out and over exposed. These colours appear a brilliant white and differentiating between panel work and windows can be difficult, thus detail is lost. We did try to solve this issue, however there seemed to be no way to alter the intensity attribute of the sun simulation. The only way we could have decreased the level of intensity was by lowering the sun in the sky. However I did not want all my shots to be either during dawn or dusk as the harsh shadows cast would have concealed most of the detail on the 3D model of the hotel.

It may have been worth including some shots of an interior environment of one of the rooms within the hotel, however due to time constraints we simple ran out of time and were unable to undertake extra renders.

As an individual and team member I would say that I was hard working, committed and reliable. I believe my time management skills were good and that I was well organised throughout the project I experimented with new found knowledge regarding maya. I worked hard to produce a finished piece. I believe my strengths were directional abilities as well as camera work and editing.

I would say that our efforts were equal. Alex has always been a good team mate to work with, its not just because he's my brother and therefore its a safe choice in terms of friendship, but also becuase he is hard working, organised and we think on the same lines. In other words we know what we both want in terms of the look and structure of a piece.

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