Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Rendering & Compositing Complete & Broadcast Requirements

All Renders have been completed. I have given them to Alex to composite, which has also been completed. I shall now begin importing these files into Final Cut and editing where necessary.
Ben Keswick informed me of how to create a broadcast safe film. Phil Heron instructed me where to find the bars and tone in Final Cut, which are needed to make a broadcast safe movie. He also gave me a .mov file of a countdown clock which can be used to indicate when the clip will begin. He stated that you must overlay text of the project title, the director/ producer and start and end times of the clip as well as the full duration of the clip.

Unfortunately we were unable to render an interior sequence as there was simply not enough time to render the shots. This was something we wanted to do as a bonus and if there was enough time to spare. Darren Price at Husband & Carpenter Architects clearly stated however that we should focus on an exterior rendered 3D sequence as the building still needs building permission. This clip could serve as a means of showcasing the proposed build.

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