Friday, 21 May 2010

Project Evaluation

I thoroughly enjoyed this project/ unit. Not only did we have the chance to work for a client outside Ravensbourne, but I feel that we accomplished a lot. We also learnt a great deal too. I learnt how to use mental ray and become familiar with some of its attributes. It was the first time I had really experimented with the physical sun and sky attribute and particularly lighting in general. I learnt a great deal when it came to creating cameras, altering their attributes such as their aspect ratios and film gate. But most importantly I learnt how to render effectively by familiarising myself with Maya's render attribute system and rendering colour and occlusion passes, which will come in handy for the third year animation course. I am proud of what we managed to produce which was an artistic architectural visualisation of a 3D model of a proposed building.

This project could also provide possible job opportunities for 3D architectural visualisation projects for Husband & Carpenter.

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