Friday, 23 April 2010

3D Architectural Visualisation Walkthrough/ Fly-Through Examples

Below are a few examples of 3D Architectual Visualisation Walkthroughs/ Fly-Throughs found on YouTube.

All the three examples are well done and to a high standard. I am hoping I can create a render to the quality of these but obviously not as huge in terms of poly count and as detailed. The two former examples use both particle dynamics/ morphing filters. They also demonstrate to the viewer how the models were constructed level by level. These particular examples have been put together for showreel purposes but not ideal to show to a client. My reason being that the camera shots are too quick which means the viewer cannot appreciate the environment as effectively. I believe the particle dynamics giving the illusion of structures and objects morphing into their final form are both unnecessary and over the top. The particle effects are purely for appealing visuals and not to show the overall form of the structure. I am not too sure of the choice of music either. I understand that the morphing of the building is in keeping with the beat of the music however it just doesn't seem to fit. I would have gone for a more calm and ambient track which would have enhanced the form of the designs. The last example was the animation which stood out among the rest purely because it showed various perspectives of the building complex. The camera angles were nice and well balanced with good composition, however I think the camera shots were a little fast.

When putting together an architectural visualisation demonstration using 3D models, the focus should be on informing the client of the design of the whole structure and then going into more detail. The pace should be moderate so that the viewer can get a feel for the environment.
Further more a walkthrough should be accurate. There should be an indication of scale by including a simple model of a car or a figure of the human form.

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