Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Advantages & Disadvantages

I wanted to pursue this kind of project involving architectural design, because I believe that demonstrating that I have architectural understanding and having 3D model examples within my portfolio/ showreel will significantly improve my employability and broaden my job prospects. I also saw this project as a perfect opportunity to develop my modelling, texturing and lighting skills. All these areas I believe need improving as these skills will make me more employable. I need these skills to make myself a more effective 3D artist.

A tutor also made the point that 3D artists are frequently sought after by architectural practices to produce 3D representations of designs for building exteriors and interiors.

This project will be a challenging one due to the fact that we are creating a 3D model for an architectural practice. Therefore the model must be accurate in both proportion, form and scale.

For this project there is no opportunity to carry out pre-production concept illustrations and plan drawings, as this work has already been done. I admit that I would miss doing a little concept work, however this does mean that there is less work to worry about which means that I can focus on improving my modelling skills.
Working with my brother in my opinion is a good idea and an advantage as we live in the same house and are in constant contact with one another. Therefore communication is made easier and we can suggest ideas and solve problems quickly. The other advantage is that whilst one of us maybe preoccupied with other activities the other can still be working on the project and making some progress. We are currently taking it in turns, adding and improving upon the model. This however initially will be a slow process as two points of view may conflict therefore causing the model and overall project to take longer than necessary, this workflow and method may also put us at a disadvantage.
Another disadvantage is that we are not in constant contact with Darren and at times we are finding elements of his drawings confusing, thus the process of trial and error is slow and we are learning more about the form and structure as we progress through the project. We are also thinking about how best to create the 3d model and mentally trying to visualise the building as a whole. The problem at the moment is figuring out how each elevation of the building connects and interacts with one another.

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