Thursday, 22 April 2010


I have not created a storyboard yet as I want to make sure I understand the building. I also want to build the model of the building first so that I know what camera angles and passes will look effective. We can use Maya as a way to navigate around the 3D model and from there we can determine what shots we would want to incoorporate.

I have had a preliminary idea of doing a short film which has an artistic quality and focusing purley on the form and structure of the hotel. I had also imagined that various different shots of different perspectives of the hotel, for exmple high and low angle and slow tracking shots will be included in the film. Maybe a short time lapse of a light source demonstrating how light behaves on the building could be included. My inspiration for this idea was a 3D architectural visualisation piece by Alex Roman called The Third & The Seventh (a link to this work can be found at . I had the idea that both pace and choice of shots would be similar.

Images above from Alex Romans' "The Third and The Seventh".

Ideally these storyboards would have been created nearer the beginning of the project, however my brother and I felt it would be sensible to create the 3D model first. This meant that we could navigate around the environment and thus decide which shots were best to showcase the hotel. It was difficult to imagine what the environment would look like just by looking at 2D plan drawings. Creating the 3D environment helped tremendously, this way we could get an accurate picture of the environment.
The storyboards above were produced by Alex.

The final clip of the hotel looks quite different to the original storyboards above. We have kept some of the shots, however others have been changed in terms of camera angle location. We have also added a few new shots to explore more angles and sides of the building.

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