Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Alex and I were contemplating of how best to light our building and environment. Tom Ritchie and Andy Kinnear showed us various ways of lighting effectively using a spotlight and a basic 3 point light setup using a directional light cluster, a spotlight and an ambient light. Although these setups were quite useful, it didn't seem to do the building justice. There were occasionally horrible light seems and dodgy pixelated shadow marks. The lighting using this setup also in my opinion looked quite flat.

Fahran Younas however showed us how to use a simple built in physical sun and sky simulation within Maya as well as using a final gather preset in the maya render options. This way of lighting for this particular project seemed ideal. This was because the lighting seemed more realistic despite the fact that in areas faces were over exposed. Reflections were also enhanced which differentiated the panel work from the windows. The shadows which were cast were also realistic. This way of working made the renders crisp and aesthetically pleasing.

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